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This location along 36 Highway just west of St. Joseph, Missouri offers several specialized services in multiple buildings.  With access to the I-29 corridor and situated on a Union Pacific mainline this location works well with just about any commodity or service.  Originally used as a dry warehouse for palletized materials this site has since evolved into a business of its own providing:
  1. Transloading and screening services of all types of materials, including very fine materials, from rail to bulk truck, tote to bulk truck, bag to bulk truck along with the ability to go from bulk to totes and/or bags.
Warehouse Building # 1
Toting System
Inside View of Building 1
  1. A multi ingredient packaging system designed for our business partners in the biscuit business.  This system has the ability to quickly and efficiently package several needed ingredients into a single bag for easy addition to your dough blends or mixes, whatever the inclusion rate.  The system is specially designed to handle fruits and vegetables and other non traditional commodities.
  1. Hiawatha Reclaim System, in a separate building we have a system designed to reclaim those out of date, off-spec, discontinued or problem products from the baking and pet food industry.  Avoid landfill cost and create value for your problem products with our timely and efficient Reclaim System.  We are currently buying dry and wet products and utilizing them in our company owned pork production.  Rest assured knowing that your product will be consumed in a closed loop system and not on the open market!
                             Reclaim System Located in Building 5
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